We are now doing a crowd-funding campaign to get the next batch of gnomes produced by accepting pre-orders. Not only will you get first access to the new figures, but you will also save $5 off of retail. We are also trying to put together extra bonus rewards if you pre-order multiples, like accessory packs for the zombies, etc. You can also save on shipping  by picking them up in person, as we will be traveling across the country to your local comic-cons, etc. 

As of now, we need 350 pre-orders before we can begin production. So tell your friends, share us on Facebook, and spread the word. Every bit helps to get these little hoodlums in your hands that much sooner. 

When you pre-order, your card will not be charged until  we reach 350 orders. When we hit the magic number, your card will be charged and we will place the order to the factory. It will then take approximately 90 days before we will have them in hand and ready to ship to you. 


This space will be where we post news and updates on new products and the whereabouts of any relevant ships or aircraft, should the little buggers happen to hijack another one.